Dialeurodes citri

Common name: Citrus whitefly


The adult is 1,2-1,4mm long, creamy white; mainly coated with white wax. They appear late on spring, where they lay their eggs on the underside of young leaves. Nymphs hatch after some weeks, they are oval, scale-like, pale greenish yellow, up to 1,5mm and they feed there in clusters.


Leaves: Presence of the different developmental stages on the underside of the leaves, secretion of honeydew, development of sooty moulds, weakened plants

Fruits: Contamination of fruits because of the secretion of honeydew and the development of sooty moulds

Hosts: Citrus (mainly), figs, olive tree, pomegranate, plum tree,ornamental plants

Kingdom Animalia
Class Insecta
Order Hemiptera
Family Aleyrodidae
Genus Dialeurodes
Species citri

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