New strategic partnership between Eden Library and TEYME

TEYME spraying machine working with Eden Library Viewer

Eden Library proudly announces its strategic partnership with TEYME, the leading provider of spraying systems.

TEYME specializes in the manufacturing and development of advanced machinery for crop protection and a variety of agricultural applications. With over 40 years of industry expertise, TEYME’s Research and Development department continuously explores innovative technologies. TEYME’s product range caters to a diverse spectrum of treatment methods, encompassing traditional, comprehensive, and ecological approaches. The company prides itself on offering a wide selection of machines tailored for Crop Protection, ensuring ease in finding the most suitable machinery to fulfill specific agricultural needs.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Eden Library, as we are aiming to seamlessly integrate Viewer system with TEYME’s sprayers, harnessing the power of AI technology to enhance efficiency and precision.

This collaboration, has already started with pilot projects in 2023, anticipates delivering a combined solution by 2024 in Spain’s market and beyond, bringing real advantages to farmers and all involved. By leveraging AI capabilities, this collaboration aims to elevate sprayer performance and agricultural practices for enhanced productivity and sustainability.

We encourage you to visit our social media channels to stay tuned for further updates on this collaboration.