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The novel camera-based system for sustainable crop protection and effortless plant monitoring.

Maximize Crop Health & Efficiency

Streamline Inspection Tasks

Optimize your field passes with ease using the Viewer and eliminate the need for time-consuming and exhausting inspection tasks.

Early Detection of Anomalies

Leverage the power of advanced AI and machine vision models to ensure robust and accurate detections at the earliest stage possible.

Effective Outbreak Containment

Utilize geolocated information to monitor pest outbreaks and plan your plant protection actions effectively with a user-friendly dashboard providing real-time alerts and modulations.


High-resolution imaging

Precise crop scouting, covering every detail of the plant.


Real-time AI predictions

Stress detections and fruit counting outputs are instantly available.


Active lighting

24/7 operation under any lighting scenario thanks to Viewer’s LED active lighting technology.


GPS and network connectivity

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ISO11783-compliant communication

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The Viewer Dashboard enables farmers and agronomists to monitor critical data generated after each agricultural operation.

  • Real-time updates on the health status of crops and the presence of diseases or pests.
  • Powerful insights that can help users make informed decisions about the best course of action for their crops.
  • Accurate planning of plant protection measures that can help prevent and control the spread of diseases and pests, ultimately leading to healthier and more productive crops.

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