Problems for AI

big green tractor

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision: all of these sound like cool buzzwords, but what kind of problems can they help us with? Here we will try to present some classes of tasks that the aforementioned fields of study can help us tackle, both in the field and anywhere else.

Image classification
You give us a photo of a specific object or scene for us to determine what kind of object or scene that image represents. This could be a photo of a flower that you want us to name.

Semantic segmentation
Given a photo of a scene we can determine the various areas displayed. This could be a satellite image where you would like to know the land area covered by vegetation, roadways, or rooftops.

Object detection
In object detection you show us a picture where you want us to identify and locate every single object displayed. For example, in a photo of an orange tree you want to know how many oranges are visible, and where they are located on the tree.

Instance Segmentation
Instance segmentation is similar to object detection, but it also tracks the shape of each detected object. For instance, pun intended, we can detect the relative size of the horses in a photo.

Object tracking
Based on the previous methods, we can identify objects of interest in a given videostream, and individually follow their movements on a screen. This could facilitate the monitoring of movements of livestock in a field.

Autonomous driving
AI and CV can help vehicles navigate in the open world, both on the streets, as well as on the field, freeing the farmer’s hands and allowing him to focus better on the field’s operations.

Pose estimation
Pose estimation allows us to determine if a human or animal is standing, lying, sitting, their body language, as well as any hand signals.

Depth Estimation
With Depth Estimation we can determine how close or far the objects in a scene are, using only a single color camera instead of more expensive stereoscopic solutions.

Some other nice solutions

  • Activity recognition
  • Facial recognition
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Image Generation
  • SuperResolution