The novel camera-based system for sustainable crop protection and effortless plant monitoring.


Maximize Crop Health & Efficiency

Streamline Inspection Tasks

Optimize your field passes with ease using the Viewer and eliminate the need for  exhausting inspection tasks. Visual data are converted into yield predictions early in the season.

Detection of Anomalies

Leverage the power of machine vision models to ensure accurate detection and better management of pests.

Effective zone treatment

Viewer information is the foundation for better planning of farmer’s day-to-day tasks. Crop variabilities across the field are now visible so you can build prescription zones effectively with Viewer’s user-friendly dashboard.

Viewer at a glance

Capture every detail on individual plants, for precise crop scouting. High-frequency imaging ensures that Viewer will capture every important crop observation, regardless of the farmer’s driving speed.

Anomaly detections and fruit observations are instantly processed, allowing farmers to respond in real-time with precision farming techniques.

Removing the barrier of extremely dark and direct sunlight conditions that can compromise image quality. 24/7 operation under any lighting scenario thanks to Viewer’s LED active lighting technology.

An integrated GPS receiver and 4G connectivity maximize Viewer’s capabilities to geolocate every field observation and instantly transmit important information to Viewer’s web Dashboard.

An innovation in specialty crop farming; Viewer is designed to communicate with any modern ISO11783-compliant farming machine.



The Viewer Dashboard enables farmers and agronomists to monitor critical data generated after each agricultural operation.

  • Real-time updates on the health status of crops and the yield potential.
  • Powerful insights that can help users make informed decisions about the best course of action for their crops.
  • Accurate planning of plant protection measures that can help prevent and control the spread of diseases and pests, ultimately leading to healthier and more productive crops.